Bridgestone E12 Soft Yellow - AAA Grade Used Golf Balls

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Near New Condition. No cuts or scuffs 

Pack of 24 Balls - $48.95

Pack of 12 Balls - $24.95

Single Balls - $2.25 each


Bridgestone's current model E12 Soft are tailored to deliver sidespin reducing performance, massive distance off the driver and great touch and feel around the greens. The E12 Soft are a premium 3 piece golf ball featuring Bridgestone's famous "delta wind" dimple design which produces less drag and a more consistent ball flight. 

All this combines to produce a golf ball which can give you an edge on the leaderboard. Shoot for the pin knowing your golf ball will fly longer, straighter and still pull up 

Features Of The Bridgestone E12 Soft:

- 3 piece design

- side spin reducing inner layer

- delta wing dimple design