Volvik Vivid XT Fluoro Green - AAA Grade Used Golf Balls

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Near New Condition. No cuts or scuffs

Pack of 12 Balls - $24.95

Single Balls - $2.50 each


For Mid-To Advanced Golfers

  • 4-Piece Premium Ball with Matte Finish VIVID Coating that Enhances Better Focus
  • Accurate Short Game with Consistent Spin by Zirconium III Cover
  • Maximised Distance Powered by Greater Energy Transfer to inner Core from Optimized Dual Core
  • Most Consistent and Stable Ball Flight by Icosahedron 332 Dimple Pattern

Volvik Matte

Matte Finish with extreme power and distance

Green Accuracy

More Accurate Putting Aiming by 360º Putting Line

Long Drive

VIVID XT is the official ball of the world long drive

Increased Visibility

Bright VIVID Color increases visibility in Air and on Ground