Titleist DT SoLo - AAA Grade Used Golf Balls

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Near New Condition. No marks or scuffs

Pack of 24 Balls - $29.95

Pack of 12 Balls - $16.50

Single Balls - $1.65 each

The Pinnacle Of The Titleist DT Range

The DT SoLo has been designed to offer a soft compression feel while offering the control and flight distance that is expected from the DT range of golf balls. Priced at the lower end of the Titleist range the DT SoLo is perfect for mid to high handicap golfers who require long distance off the tee and don't mind sacrificing spin around the greens. Because of these attributes the DT SoLo is a great ball for learners and experienced golfer alike. During flight the ball itself encourages a straight trajectory and offers a minimum of sidespin, resulting in longer, straighter drives and a huge amount of roll on the fairway.

- 2 piece ball soft core

- durable Ionomer cover

- alignment marking 

- 392 isocahedral dimple design